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The American Connection Corps (ACC), an AmeriCorps program of Lead For America, has reached new heights of impact and expansion throughout the last two years, a journey we're excited to share with you in our latest Impact Report for August 2021 - August 2023.

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This year marks a milestone in ACC's history, with our current cohort surpassing the size of all previous years combined, and our reach extending across more states than ever before. This growth is a tribute to the communities, partners, and individuals who've stood by us, believing in the power of connection and the importance of digital inclusivity in rural and legacy communities.


In our impact report, you’ll find:

  • Metrics Snapshots

  • Stories of Impact

  • Media Spotlights

  • Celebration of our Graduates

  • A Note on Looking Ahead

  • Growth Through the Numbers

  • A Peek at our 2023 Orientation and Beyond

Click below to read our latest ACC Impact Report

2023 Impact Report

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