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Where We Serve

American Connection Corps Members currently serve in over 74 different communities across 27 states. Over the next several years, we aim to expand our footprint of locally-rooted service in communities in all 50 states.

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Where we live increasingly determines which people, places, and possibilities we can access, leading to a rise in cultural divides, social and economic inequities, and community insularity. The American Connection Corps (ACC) is an AmeriCorps program that leverages the power of national service to expand people’s economic opportunities, bridge their social network, and open them up to different perspectives.


While national in scope, we operate from a deep respect for place. We know that each community has unique challenges and opportunities, and tailor member service accordingly. Ultimately, we aim to nurture a national network of leaders with the empathy and diversity of lived experiences to bridge the divides and inequities in our nation.

View our 2023 Service Locations to date:

What does locally-rooted mean?

We prioritize selecting Members who are connected to the place they are serving. Perhaps they already live there, and are looking for an opportunity to step into a leadership role and get connected to a national network of peers doing the same. Others are homecomers - people born and raised in the community who choose to return from elsewhere. Some are recent retirees that have returned to their hometowns, or who have chosen to make a place their home for their next chapter in life. Others may have gone to college there, and may want to explore the region beyond the four walls of a university. And some might be "rural-curious," eager to mend geographic divides and hungry to learn deeply about a place and make it their home. 


Locally-rooted means being attentive to the particularity of the place one is serving, holding no national agendas or preconceived perceptions of what that place needs. American Connection Corps Members put ideology and prejudice aside, listen deeply, roll up their sleeves, and get to work.

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